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Letters to our Sons July

Time once again for our Letters to Our Sons blog circle! I love this group of ladies and am excited to read their letters and see the inspiring images they share. Please continue around the circle at the end and feel free to leave them some love!

Dear Danny and Jake,

My big boys…how you’ve grown! Some days I cannot even believe how big you are, how capable, and independent! Yet at the very same time, you are still so young and will always be my little boys:) The two of you are so different from each other and yet you also both love to do so many of the same things and love to be together. While you fight like crazy at times and drive me nuts, you can also play together for hours. Watching you guys be the best of buddies is one of my favorite things. When I found out Jake was to also be a boy, I was so thrilled knowing you guys would have each other as you grow up! And when Sean and Haley came along I was additionally thankful that you’d have each other as playmates. I know that it can be hard for both of you when your little brother and sister demand so much attention and make it hard at times to do things with you guys or to take you places. But I know you both love your brother and sister so much, and seeing that love is one of the most special parts of having 4 children 😉






You are both such sweet, loving boys with many wonderful talents and I couldn’t be prouder of you. I hope you stay the best of friends forever. You are so very lucky to have each other!

I love how you both want extra hugs at night and how we must blow you hugs and kisses from the door before we head downstairs. I hope as you grow, you both keep your sweet and thoughtful natures that you show at home and as your teachers tell me come across at school as well! It warms my heart!

Love you both…to the moon and back,

Continue on with the circle with the inspiring photography of my wonderful friend, Lisa Benemelis.

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  • Katrina - Kristen, this letter and these images are so beautiful and heart-warming. How wonderful that your older boys share such a sweet connection and friendship. Definitely a treasure. And they must have wonderful parents who model that love. <3ReplyCancel

  • kara - we were very sure that we wanted to have our children very close in age, so that they would travel in similar circles and be friends. but i know that that bond would be so much stronger if they were the same gender. i hope that your boys always have such a close relationship. love your letter and your images, kristen.ReplyCancel

  • Allison - You’re images are so sweet and they demonstrate the wonderful bond that your older boys share. They’re so lucky to have each other! And you are very lucky to have such sweet, loving, intelligent little boys!ReplyCancel

  • Laura - Oh, Kristen, these images are so beautiful! I loved reading about their relationship. They are all so lucky to have each other.ReplyCancel

  • Lisa Benemelis - Kristen, this is such a beautiful letter to your sons and the images are equally as beautiful – showing the strong love they have for one another. I’m glad they are so close. It reminds me of my girls when the twins were born. This special bond will be theres for a life time and it will be fun to watch them grow their relationship through the years. <3ReplyCancel

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